TV anchor suspended for remarks about fatty women

Reham Saeed, an Egyptian TV host, has been suspended after giving objections to obese people.

Egypt’s state-owned media regulator says the TV host used phrases and phrases that are considered offensive to women in the country.

In his show, the TV anchor said that obese people are ‘a burden on their family and the state.’

Defending her words on Instagram, Reham Saeed said she was now taking retirement.

Reham Saeed’s remarks come at a time when Egyptian president Abdul Fatah al-Sisi has advised Egyptian citizens to lose weight. In 2018, the Egyptian president appealed to the Egyptian people to take care of their health.

TV anchor Reham Saeed said in his talk show ‘Al-Sabah’ on Al-Hayyah TV that many fat women lose their sexuality and happiness because of the increase in the amount of toxic substances in their bodies.

He added that men are not attracted to fat women and often break out of their fat bags or break their nieces.

Following his remarks, a flood of criticism has emerged on social media.

Reham Saeed says he is being targeted on social media and the TV host posted on Instagram that he is about to retire.

Reham Saeed says: ‘I’m tired because everyone wants to lower you. They have launched a campaign against me in which they are spreading fake news. And that two hundred or three hundred or four hundred or five million people you do not even know the background to decide your destiny on social media. ‘

The TV anchor says she’s tired of it all and it’s time to take care of her children.

TV Anchor says he has done a lot to help obese people over the past 12 years.

This is not the first time TV anchors have been disputed because of their remarks. During a meeting with Syrian refugees, he described them as ‘abusive’. On another occasion, he picked up a double from his show, though the guest was invited to discuss the same topic at the show.

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