Thailand: The rare images of the queen smash her

The Royal Palace of Thailand posted rare photos of its newly elected queen. Reportedly, a large number of users were interested in seeing the images that caused the website to crash.

Sunnit Wang Wajirpakdi, 34, can be seen in these photos of fighter jets, combat attire and guns.

The title of the concert is given by the king to his spouse or partner.

67-year-old king of Thailand Maha Wijerlong Korn conferred the honor on July two months after marrying his fourth wife, Queen Sothea.

Major General Sennett is the first person to be awarded the Royal Nobel Concert in a century.

Senneth Wangwajirpakdi

According to Reuters news agency, after the Queen’s photos were published, the website was sat down due to undue traffic.

These photos have been published along with the Queen’s biography.

Senneth Wangwajirpakdi

A statement issued from a Thai palace states that the king has ordered the “creation of a royal biography” for the Saints, who are trained pilots, nurses and guards.

The 41-year-old Queen Soothdah is a former flight attendant and deputy commander of King Gujralong Korn’s personal guards unit. He has an old relationship with King Wajerlong Korn and has been seen in public for many years with the King.

The 67-year-old king Maha Wajerlong Korn became the constitutional king of Thailand after his father’s death in 2016.

Senneth Wangwajirpakdi
Senneth Wangwajirpakdi

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