Pakistani-administered Kashmir anthem, older than Pakistan’s anthem

Across India, today, a day of solidarity is being celebrated with the people living in the Indian-administered Kashmir.

The program, organized by the government to celebrate the day, says that all the TV, radio and FM stations in the country today are not only the national anthem of Pakistan but also the national anthem of Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Will also be broadcast.

The national anthem of Pakistan-administered Kashmir will be broadcast across the country at 12 o’clock in three minutes.

History of the Poetry of Kashmir

Aqil Abbas Jafri, a researcher who researches Pakistan’s national anthem, told the BBC that in fact, the national anthem of Pakistan-administered Kashmir is a poem written by Hafiz Jalandhari in 1949 and first published in 1958. Radio Pakistan was once recorded in Rawalpindi.

He said that the poem was first sung by Manwar Sultana and Anika Banu at Radio Pakistan Rawalpindi Station.

Hafeez Jalandhar
Image captionHafiz Jalandhari’s poem written in 1949 was named the national anthem of Kashmir in 1972. Jalandhar is also the creator of the national anthem of Pakistan

According to Aqeel Abbas Jafri, this poem by Hafiz Jalandhari was given the status of national anthem of Pakistan-administered Kashmir in 1972.

He added that the poem was changed to a half-mosaic even before it became a national anthem. In Hafiz’s poem, Egypt was ‘Waking up the whole valley’ which was reorganized and ‘Wake up is the whole valley’.

According to Aqeel Abbas Jafri, in this poem, ‘Azad Kashmir’ refers not only to the Kashmir-administered Kashmir but also to the United Kashmir (Kashmir, which is controlled by both Pakistan and India).

He said that his music was composed by Inayat Shah and Rashid Atar. Before coming to the film world, Rashid Attar was associated with Radio Pakistan Rawalpindi.

He said that if seen, the national anthem of Pakistan-administered Kashmir was written even before Pakistan’s national anthem.

He said that the music or lyrics of Pakistan’s national anthem was adopted in 1950. This song was played every day from Radio Pakistan and people were asked to recommend the lyrics with the lyrics in mind. On August 7, 1954, the government of Pakistan approved the national anthem of Hafiz Jalandhari, while on August 13, 1954, Pakistan’s song was broadcast.

Aqeel Abbas Jafri A research book written on the national anthem of Pakistan ‘National anthem of Pakistan- what is the truth? What is Passover? ‘ Is also the author of

National anthem of Pakistan-administered Kashmir

Will the national anthem of Kashmir be “repaired”?

Pakistan-based Kashmir Minister of Information Mushtaq Manhas told the BBC that the government of Kashmir was planning to “reproduce” its national anthem and a meeting would be convened in the coming days.

‘There is a lot of repetition of words in the anthem and a few lines are repeated over and over, such as’ homeland our Azad Kashmir’. We are planning to shorten it. ‘

According to Mushtaq Minhas, the melody will also be refreshed as the original recording is very old. He said that the government of Pakistan-administered Kashmir wants a major music company such as ‘Coke Studio’ or some famous musician to do it so that the song can be made more exciting and refined.

Responding to a question, he said that he himself had prepared a ‘short’ version of the national anthem of Kashmir, but it had yet to be approved.

Image captionNational anthem that is printed on books taught in government schools in Kashmir

‘Pakistan’s national anthem is read in schools’

Pakistan’s national anthem is more popular than the national anthem of Kashmir in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, and in private and public educational institutions, the Pakistani anthem is read in the morning rather than in the Kashmir.

Zubair Hussain, principal of a private educational institute in Polak area of ​​Mirpur tehsil of Kashmir, says that the Pakistani national anthem is generally preferred over the national anthem of Kashmir in its educational institutions.

“In the school where I am the principal, the national anthem is read every morning in the assembly. However, on special occasions, such as Pakistan’s song on Kashmir Day as well as Kashmir’s song is read and children present a table on it.

According to Zubair Hussain, this situation is the same throughout Kashmir even in public schools.

He said, ‘I am a graduate of the Government School and College of Mirpur. In our public school, the Pakistani song was also taught.

In response to a question, he said that the text of Pakistan text on the first page of the text book of Kashmir textbook is printed on the front page of the book

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