Donald Trump: US troops will remain in Afghanistan despite agreement with Taliban

US President Donald Trump has said that even if Washington signs an agreement with the Taliban to end the 18-year war, US forces will still be there.

In an interview to Fox News Radio on Thursday, Donald Trump said the level of US forces in Afghanistan was being reduced to 8,600.

The US president further said, “We are going to maintain our presence there. We are greatly reducing this presence and will always be there. ‘

According to Reuters news agency Donald Trump said, “The level of US forces in Afghanistan is being reduced to 8,600.

“There are currently about 14,000 US service members in Afghanistan, of which 5,000 are dedicated to counter-insurgency operations,” he said.

US forces in Afghanistan

It should be noted that the Taliban said in a statement on Wednesday that they were close to a “final agreement” with US officials, under which US forces would withdraw from Afghanistan and in return would be pledged to the United States. Islamic extremist groups will not be allowed to become centers.

Sohail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Doha, said: “We hope we will get good news soon for our Muslim, libertarian nation.”

According to reports, US and Taliban negotiators have reported progress in their talks in recent weeks, increasing their chances of ending the conflict.

US forces in Afghanistan

Zalmay Khalilzad, the head of the US negotiating team, has met with Taliban representatives three times in the past month. In addition, the United States has visited other countries in the region to facilitate the negotiation process.

It should be noted that President Trump has been supportive of US intervention in the Afghan war.

He wrote on Twitter seven years ago that ‘this war was a complete disaster’ and ‘we should have left Afghanistan immediately six years ago.’

Since becoming US president in January 2017, Trump has repeatedly said that he could have wiped Afghanistan out of a truce if he wanted to win the Afghan war, but he did not want there to be a million dead.

He repeated this claim in an interview to Fox News Radio.

According to news agency AFP, during an interview to Fox News, President Trump said he would respond in full force if Afghanistan invaded the United States in the future.

US forces in the US

Trump said he would come back from Afghanistan with a force that had never been attacked before.

It is to be remembered that after the 9/11 attacks in the United States in 2001, he withdrew his army in Afghanistan to take action against al-Qaeda and its leader, Osama bin Dalan, and to make Afghanistan a peaceful country in the future. From here it could not be planned to hit western targets.

Despite the tens of thousands of US troops killed in the 17-year-long war, the United States has not had much success. In recent years, the area occupied by the Afghan Taliban has increased significantly and the Afghan army has suffered defeat on several fronts.

However, the United States now seeks to end this 18-year long war and its military involvement, and in that regard has been engaged in dialogue with the Afghan Taliban for a long time.

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