Conspiracy Assumptions: Is the World Running a ‘Military Industrial Complex’?

No matter what conspiracy theories you have heard or ‘compressive theories’, if you believe them, the world would be weird.

For example, the British royal family often took the form of lizards, Italian-American actor Robert De Niro was involved in the assassination of Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, Griffin Donkey spying for Israel, torn jeans and fashion. Had the president of Nigeria been Sudanese Bahupia, the AIDS and Ebola virus would have been invented by the US Secret Agency CIA, the ground would not have been flat but flat, meaning we would never have gone to the moon.

Theories are found in almost all the sciences and arts. But these theories are founded on the arguments that arise in the light of research and academic debate, and they continue to change in the light of new knowledge and discoveries. On the contrary, conspiracy theory is founded on assumptions that are accepted without research and debate.

The conspiracy theories may not be factual, but their effects can be real. In the United States, France, Madagascar and other countries the anti-vaccine movement has been involved in the campaign against measles vaccine, to some extent.

So how do you know what is true and what is false?

Space creatures on the ground flattened in the eyes of an artist
Image captionSome people attribute these events to no apparent force

Holy Trinity

Lack of knowledge about incomprehensible words and events fills the gap that conspiracy theories fill.

Dr Yvonne Bifford, a psychologist at London’s Open University, says that the conspiracy theory and alternative explanation for an event is ‘the presence of a vicious scheme created by a few powerful people in a secret place.’

Each conspiracy theory has three basic components: planner, plan and means of mass conspiracy.


Dr. Bifford says it could be an organization comprised of recognizable members, such as ‘Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderberg or the Skull and Bones Society.’

The mark on the back of a US dollar note that is thought to have some hidden meaning
Image caption Theeyeball on the back of a US dollar note that is thought to have a hidden meaning that is related to the founder of the US, Illuminati.

But there are often confusing terms for the conspirator, such as the Big Pharma, the Military Industrial Complex, the World Bank.

Dr. Bifford explains that this is done to convince people that there is an enemy who is secretly engaged in secret schemes.


A plan must have a plan. According to Dr. Byford, the purpose of such a project is to dominate the world and the project will be viable even after the death of powerful members of the conspiracy.

He says that as careful as it would be necessary to keep such a project invisible, it is imperative that there be an entity who has control over everything.

“The idea that the world can be controlled is a very powerful impetus for conspiracy theories, especially in crisis situations when the details are lacking.”

Mass Effect

The concept of dancing on toes
Image captionTraditional media is owned by most large companies and can be heard along with conspiracy theories.

Lack of information leads to anecdotes and if something unexpected happens by chance, then people make those assumptions true. They do not think that what happened can only be coincidental.

Instruments are linked to sources that are also believed.

How do we believe such things?

Dr Mike Wood, a psychologist at Winchester University in the UK, says research has shown that belief in conspiracy theories is linked to pressure from a crisis. When a person thinks himself helpless, he begins to convince a conspiracy theory. ‘

World Trade Center hit by attacks on September 11, 2001
Image caption TheSeptember 11 attacks sparked a series of conspiracy theories

According to Dr Micro Pantazi, an affiliate of the Internet Institute at the University of Oxford, it is also expressed in a state of collective trauma.

Along with his colleagues, he reviewed the conspiracy theories that came into being after the Smolensk plane crash. The air crash killed the Polish president and 95 politicians and top military officials.

He argued that as people’s faith in these ideologies became stronger, the division within society increased and the distance between those who believed and questioned them grew.

Dr. Pentazzi says that people have recognized this distribution.

And when you face such things constantly, the impact can be profound. Psychologists call this condition the ‘head of truth’, promoted by social media.

‘The more you look, the more familiar you become, and the more familiar you become, the more believable it is,’ says Jeff Hinnock, professor of communication at Stanford University in the UK.

The magic of smart phones
Image captionexperiments have shown that what people have seen before is more reliable for them, even if it is not true.

A warning

Dr. Pentazzi says that conspiracy theories can be fatal to society, “People who believe that the vaccine causes a psychological disorder such as autism and refrain from vaccinating their children may put their children at risk. Put it. ‘

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