Attack on oil tankers: US cyber attack damages Iran’s capacity

According to reports, hackers working for the US government have damaged the computer systems used by Iran to target oil-liner ships traveling in the Persian Gulf.

US newspaper The New York Times quoted senior US officials as saying that the action was taken on this day in June this year, with President Trump withdrawing an airstrike in response to Iran’s drone strikes. Had taken

According to the newspaper, US officials say a secret cyber attack in June resulted in the cleansing of the vital database that the Iranian paramilitary force used to plan attacks on oil tankers.

According to officials, the operation has reduced Iran’s ability to secretly target maritime transport in the Persian Gulf.

According to the New York Times, the BBC correspondent in the United States, Peter Boyce says Iran has been busy trying to recover its database and resume infected computer systems since the attack.

It is to be noted that this year there have been several incidents of targeting or sabotaging oil-fired vessels in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, for which the United States has blamed Iran for this, but Iran has denied the allegations.

Iran-US talks

On the other hand, US Secretary of Defense Mark Asper has called on Iran to hold talks with Washington to ease international tensions in the Persian Gulf.

At a press conference in the Pentagon, Mark Asper said: “We do not want a dispute with Iran. “We want to talk to them on a diplomatic level.”

Mark Asper

He also said that the President (Trump) has once again said that he wants to meet with Iranian leaders. We hope the Iranians will be willing to meet and talk to us so that we can resolve the issue. ‘

President Trump, whose government has adopted more international pressure on Iran this week, said at a GCON summit in France this week that he would reduce tensions between Washington and Tehran in the next few weeks. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani would like to meet at the right time.

However, Iran’s Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif, who had made a brief and unannounced visit to France at the same time, said in response to the statement that even if the United States returned to Iran’s nuclear program, Iran and There is no possibility of a meeting between the US Presidents.

The current US president has been at odds with his predecessor, Barack Obama, on Iran’s policy. Last year, the United States unilaterally announced the withdrawal of Iran’s nuclear deal in 2015.

President Trump, however, said Monday he is hopeful of a new nuclear deal with Iran.

In 2015, Iran’s enriched uranium limit was set following a nuclear deal with world powers. In turn, some sanctions were lifted and Iran could export oil, which is the Iranian government’s major source of income.

But the US terminated the deal in 2018 and re-imposed sanctions. This led to the economic crisis in Iran, its currency fell to record highs and foreign investors were also removed.

United States Iran

In response, Iran has announced its withdrawal from the pledges made under the nuclear deal.

Operation Sentinel

Over the past few months, Iran’s confiscation of oil tankers in the Persian Gulf has increased international tensions. The British seized an Iranian oil tanker at Gibraltar.

At the same time, the United States announced ‘Operation Sentinel’ to protect the shipping industry in the Persian Gulf.

In his talk, Mark Asper said, ‘Operation Sentinel has begun, with the UK, Australia and Bahrain supporting us.’

They have also said that more countries will be involved in this operation and it will be helpful for bringing peace to the region.

“The presence of us, our friendly countries and other allies in the region has prevented even more outrageous behavior.”

According to the US Secretary of Defense, he wants to talk to Iran and move on the diplomatic route. ‘I don’t think the crisis is over yet. But so far everything is going well. ‘

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